Training Programs

Learn the Art of Hunting Deer, Ducks and Turkey

Many new hunters complete their hunter safety courses and are left with the feeling of ‘What comes next?” or “Where do I start?”

The training programs/seasonal courses provide professional hunting guidance and are designed to teach students the art of hunting. Students will learn an analytical approach to hunting deer, wild turkey, and/or puddle ducks depending on their area of interest. Skills taught within the courses include: tracking weather patterns; practical scouting techniques; and recording, logging and assessing data. This adaptive, data-driven approach provides both new and experienced hunters with a non-traditional method for understanding the rationale behind animal behavior. Armed with this information, the hunter can more clearly understand the animal, predict its intentions and improve his/her chances for a successful harvest. The goal of the courses is to build effective, independent and responsible hunters.

How it Works

Each class is customized and caters to the needs of the individual. A free consultation is offered to discuss your intentions: what you want to hunt, where you want to hunt it, your experience hunting, your background, what you have for gear, and what you want to accomplish.

  • $350 for a half-day (5 hours)
  • $475 for a full day (8 hours)

This includes: scouting the area(s) for animals & animal sign; a logbook tutorial on what data to collect and hunting gear recommendations for your upcoming hunts. Subsequent services such as additional scouting days, data interpretation and guided hunts can be requested as needed.


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