Honoring the harvest

“Gratitude is the key to our experience of abundance. It is how we learn to receive so that we are able to come into alignment with our true self. When we are grateful, we give thanks for what we have and do not dwell on what we lack.”

– Light for the Soul

More than a trophy

Harvesting wild game is extremely challenging and a mount represents this success. A mount is a symbol of the interaction between the hunter and their harvest. It represents the hunter’s passion, patience, and gratitude for the animal. Justin aims to tell the story of the hunt through each mount and selects materials and poses based on the species.


Turkey (tail, beard & spurs), Grouse and Pheasant (tails only). Mount includes a fully fanned tail on a wooden plaque (included with price). Contact Justin for mounting options for turkey tails (hanging beard vs spur supported beard).

Turkey (tail, beard & spurs): $255
Grouse and Pheasant (tail only): $175

Full Body

Waterfowl (ducks & geese); upland (woodcock, grouse & pheasants).

Position options include flying; standing or sitting. All mounts are mounted on driftwood. Standing and sitting mounts require a wooden plaque and an additional $25.

Upland Birds (includes woodcock): $425
Puddle & Diver Ducks (includes longtail ducks): $425
Sea Ducks & Snow Geese: $500
Canada Geese: $600

European (Skull)

Skull mounted on wooden plaque (included with price)

Rates: $200 per mount


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